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Ten thoughts about dementia

Dear Mr. McBride, I am sure you have gotten plenty of letters from those you coached and taught thanking you. Add me to the list. I’ve done some thinking about why you had such a big impact. So here goes. In my family there is a generational weakness that resulted in my grandfather being killed in WWI. A young man he was. As a result my father grew up without a person to show him the tough stuff of being a man. He managed and did well himself as a dad with my siblings and myself. But, there was a tentativeness that existed. As I was coming of age, you were so important because you were strong for all the right reasons – commitment to doing things the right way even when life’s pressures wanted to unravel you. Seeing sacrifice by going beyond what we thought our limits were, and developing a loyalty amongst us, through it was a lesson I put to use in my won school and my own family. Sometimes no is no and yes is yes. No matter what. Being able to stand firm as a group and as a result developing love between us caused us to appreciate and love the journey. You allowed us to see. You taught me to trust myself when the heat was on. I believe God put you in my life at a moment I most needed to see the value of perseverance, loyalty, conviction, integrity and sacrifice to obtain a higher goal. Not just a championship, but a way to live life. It was an honor to learn from you. Thank you forever. Can you coach us when we all get to heaven? Dallas Dixon

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