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Who is Dallas Dixon

Dallas Dixon began to fall in love with God when he was 40.  He is married to his wife Sonia, of 30 plus years, has two daughters – Alia and Ariel, two almost daughters – Kayla and Sara, a granddaughter – Lefty Rolwood (the prayer warrior) and Nathaniel who has in him no deception.

Dallas is a graduate of Princeton University and Seton Hall University.  As a former criminal defense attorney, Dixon transitioned to education upon founding the Emily Fisher Charter School in Trenton, New Jersey in 1998.  He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/Vascular Dementia in 2014.  He spends his time in Maine and Trenton, New Jersey.



“Number 19 please” is the hymn request that the pastor repeated so that everyone in the church/lunchroom could hear.  Then, he purposely paused as he eyed the twelve square tables used for church seating, these were also used for crafts, bingo and when pushed aside, for chair exercises. His kindness was intertwined with his mistaken …


The first stand-up comedy by a person living with dementia…. ssshhhh…. Don’t show this to the Alzheimer’s Association.


What is Vascular Dementia? Duh, that’s what I have, haven’t you been listening?







This book is comprised of real-life stories that describe early and middle stage dementia from my perspective—that of a man who has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia.

In my own experience, much of the first-person writing regarding dementia—while useful and often poignant—tends to focus on the grimmer side of the disease. It is my ambition to chronicle the humorous and opportunity-rich aspects of dementia, in hopes that it may inspire those affected to see a glimpse of light where there is often much gloom.

My journey thus far has not been without its darker days, but I have also been witness to delightful surprises and joyously humbling moments. The aim of these stories is to become a point of interaction between folks with dementia and their loved ones, to not only share the personal experience but also to open a doorway into the little-known world of dementia—and perhaps have some fun along the way.


This book is a tribute to the Emily Fisher Charter School. It tells the true story of the achievements of students and also the downfall of the school.

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